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What is LetsMuv?

LetsMuv is an app for your Pebble that will track your daily activities. It will turn your Pebble into a life companion gadget to help you keep active and healthier.

How can I install LetsMuv?

You can install LetsMuv from the Pebble App Store. Just search for LetsMuv and install it. LetsMuv will work in the background so you don't need to keep it open.

What is a Muv?

Muv is the unit we created to measure how much you move. Muvs will grow slowly if you are sitted on a desk typing on a computer and faster if you are running or playing basketball. This unit will help us to calculate how much calories you are burning on each moment of your day or measure how you sleep and in what sleep phase you are.

I don't see info on my Web Panel, why?

LetsMuv will sync your data to the web service automatically every 45 minutes. If you are using an iPhone you may receive alerts on your Pebble telling you to open LetsMuv on your phone, this is why iOS sometimes will kill LetsMuv to save memory.

My sleep info is wrong, how can I fix it?

We are improving our sleep algorithm every day to correctly detect when you start sleeping and when you get up. You can change the start and finish time of your sleep on the web panel, this way the info will be recalculated

Will LetsMuv track my activity in the background while using other watchapps?

Of course! LetsMuv will work even in the background. You can use whatever whatchface you want and still you will be monitored! In order to see your stats you can open LetsMuv on your Pebble or access the web panel on your phone.